Manga comics

Manga comics are pretty popular among all age groups across the world. You might want to take a look at these pros and cons of the manga type comics if you are a comic reader

• Series come out very quickly and generally wrap up at a much faster rate than a lot of American comics
• Through the mangas you’re becoming familiar with another culture.
• It has interesting and unique art styles that are uncommon in Western comic books.
• Manga tends to be more in-depth and be more detailed as well
• If you’re a comic fan, there’s really not any good reason not to
• If you want to read any certain story, there will probably be a manga for it.

• The disadvantage to Manga is the fact that there are few Animes out there that started before a Manga was created, so people can get confused because the Manga wants to take its own path on a story while the anime has gone on a completely divers route
• Manga has no color, only several color pages at most
• Sometimes one form to another character is almost similar, and often confusing.
• No voiced dialogue, do miss hearing some voice actors, although with just a little. Visit One Piece Manga portal for more.