Koh Samui Is the Perfect Gateway to Asia

For those who have travelled to a few tropical islands and been to some of the most notable tourist spots in the world, going to Asia can still seem like a big step. It is quite different from tourist favorites like Paris, London and New York. What may be needed, before that big step into Asia, is a little trip to Koh Samui. The island can serve as a gentle introduction to all things Asian.

While the island is certainly a tropical paradise and features all the things tourists expect from such a getaway, it also is ripe with Asian culture, particularly a strong Thai influence. In fact, up until recently, it belonged to Thailand.

If you have dreamed of taking a trip to Asia, but you are wary about adapting to the culture and foods, then you may want to start with Koh Samui. Our villas offer you a great seaside view and beautiful trappings that will make your stay enjoyable. During the day, you can involve yourself in the shopping, dining and cultural experiences of the island and get a feel and a taste for what to expect from the mainland countries.
This is a great way to lessen the cultural shock and get a good idea of what you look forward to before you actually take a trip to the mainland. We urge those with trepidations about entering Asia for a vacation to come first to koh samui real estate and ease into the culture.