Important aspect of a website design

When you are building a website, then it is important that the template you are using for the website design not only up to the mark but also according to your website’s business. If you are a rookie website designer and different templates that are almost similar to each other confuses you then let’s help you. Through this article, we will be trying to let you the most important aspect of an internet site design and what can be the different entities of those designs. One can take a look at the points stated below and understand the three most important things that must be selected with proper thinking:
  1.  First and foremost thing is the Contend width design. It is the width that is covered by the content on the website page. Now it can cover the whole page, or it can simply cover a box that has been designed by you. Hence it is of two types Full-Width and Box-width.
  1.  Now second thing to be noticed is the page header that can be of four distinct type based on what type of content you want to make visible in the header:

· Static header with an image but no content whatsoever.
· Static header with both the image and the content.
· Slideshow header with the content different with the different picture.
· Video back ground header that will elaborate about your website.

  1.  The final aspect of the <a href="">website design</a> is the menu bar that will help the people to go to the website and hence it should be quite clear and user-friendly.