How synthetic urine beats a Urine test? Know the facts!

Synthetic urine, commonly known as “laboratory urine” or “fake pee” is an elixir imitator the chemical as well as the visual properties of the human urine. This urine is generally used as analytics to pass urine test or the drug test.

This fake pee is one kind of complicated solution for urine analysis. So, the success using this synthetic urine requires some efforts and any mistake may drive you at risk for the failure of the test.
Different forms and uses of the synthetic urine:
Fake pee or comes is a couple of common forms or the pre-mixed solutions or the dried powders.

These solutions, however, may be bought from smoke shops similar like stores. The powder or the solutions may expire immediately. So, better replace the unused kits. Once activated, it is better to read the directions carefully. Some solution cannot be used after 8 hours from the time of its first use.
This urine can also use in other cases like-

• Animal repellant

• Kinky sex

• Theatrics

Is this synthetic urine is reliable for drug tests:
This synthetic urine can obviously design for doing fake a test. But some people at the time of need successfully relied on it. But the use of this urine is risky and may get fired in some states.

Someone though argues that this drug testing is an attack on privacy. However, the quality of the synthetic urine depends on the following factors i.e. must contain—uric acid, urea, creatine, nitrates and must maintain normal pH level.
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