A good shoe is a good investment, it’s only a matter of finding the perfect fitting shoes. Hope these tips could help you find one.

• In general flats are more comfortable and better for you than heels. But not all flats are created equal, and some flats are painful to wear for longer period of time

• Make sure you stand while having your feet measured, because the full weight of your body will expand your feet

• Shop at a store that has a variety of shoe styles and prices. You should purchase the one that fits your foot

• The shank is located under the arch of the foot. The stiffer the shank, the more support it provides for your foot

• Normally your feet are swollen at the end of the day and it’s advised to shop footwear later the day or night.

• It is always better to buy a pair of shoes that fit the bigger foot. You can place an over the counter insole in the larger one if it’s too slippery for the other foot.

• Another important thing is the material of the shoe. If the inner lining is made of breathable materials such as leather or cotton they absorb moisture better than rubber, synthetic leather or synthetic materials.

• All manufacturers and styles vary and there’s no substitute for a fitting. Visit Shoosed portal for more.